Basic Income Ireland is a campaign group and network of people working towards one simple mission: make universal basic income a reality in Ireland.

We are the Irish national affiliate of the Basic Income Earth Network.

Members of Basic Income Ireland are all volunteers and come from a variety of backgrounds: community development, activism, technology, academia, politics, religion, farming, care work, creative and artistic work, teaching, learning, research, healthcare, engineering, trades unions, and supporting voluntary groups and NGOs. Most members have full or part-time time jobs, others are retirees, self-employed, running small businesses or working without pay. 

If you think you might belong as part of this progressive coalition, join us today!

We hold monthly network meetings, talks, workshops, debates, and film screenings. See our events page for more details.

We also actively engage with policymakers, trade unions, think tanks, and various other groups across civil society. If you wish to have one of our members come to meet with your team or organisation, or for media enquiries, email us today:

Steering Group (2021)

Bobby Lambert

Social Profit Consultant and Business Development Director at EcoMerit

Philomena Murphy

Postgraduate student in social research

Brad Macpherson

IT automation specialist and environmental volunteer

Eileen Boyle

Community activist extraordinaire

Sean Healy

CEO at Social Justice Ireland, an independent social justice think tank

Martina Langan

Activist, mother, and grandmother

Hugh McDermott


Lúí Smyth

Tech professional working in the media sector

Patrick Walsh

Medical doctor

For more information see the Constitution of Basic Income Ireland, or read more about the history of the organisation.