BII welcomes the Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme

Basic Income Ireland (BII), the national body for the promotion of a Basic Income in Ireland, has welcomed the Basic Income for the Arts pilot scheme, announced on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Basic Income is a regular payment to every individual resident regardless of circumstances, without any conditions such as a means test or work requirement. It would be enough to live a frugal but decent life without additional income. It is an important component of a comprehensive approach, alongside services such as housing, health and education, to supporting a just society.

The Basic Income for the Arts Pilot Scheme is particularly welcome as a system of regular cash payments, without a means test, that do not depend on the completion of work or tasks. It thereby includes many of the key characteristics of a basic income.

Demand for a full Basic Income for all

Although the Basic Income for the Arts Pilot scheme is targeted at a particular sector, the issues it aims to address affect a wide range of people in Ireland, including financial insecurity, lack of support and recognition for worthwhile activities, and inadequate support for personal and professional development. We therefore see the Artists Scheme as a first step towards an unconditional basic income for everyone in Ireland, and continue to call for a permanent basic income for all.

We believe that Basic Income would provide much needed security for all, would improve wellbeing, and would be a platform for building a sustainable society that supports worthwhile activities of all kinds and unleashes the creativity and talent of all our people.

Philomena Murphy, Joint Co-ordinator at Basic Income Ireland, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the need for bold, innovative thinking in order to provide security and stability for all members of society. Universal Basic Income has the potential to be play a key role in getting our economy and society back on its feet, and in that light, we welcome the artists’ scheme.”

Bobby Lambert, Joint Co-ordinator at Basic Income Ireland, said: “Universal Basic Income was a well-established proposal long before the crisis, and has been successfully trialled in Finland, Canada Alaska and elsewhere. As we look ahead, UBI can act as a support for worthwhile activity of all kinds and as a platform for success for Irish entrepreneurs, farmers, artists and citizens to unleash the creativity and innovation that we need to survive and thrive”.


Bobby Lambert, Joint Coordinator, Basic Income Ireland
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Philomena Murphy, Joint Coordinator, Basic Income Ireland
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