Basic Income Ireland is a voluntary organisation that depends entirely on membership subscriptions and donations.

Basic Income Ireland is:

  • non-sectarian and independent of political parties
  • committed to non-violence and to truthful communication both internally and externally
  • committed to participatory, democratic and dialogical processes, reaching decisions through deliberation and consensus procedures wherever possible
  • an egalitarian and safe public space for asking questions, deliberating ideas and suggestions about basic income, discussing differences and trying out ideas with others in a respectful and caring fashion.

Donations are welcome at any time. We do not accept donations from organisations that we believe to be inconsistent with our objectives and principles.

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to learn more about, and/or help advance, through reasonable legitimate agreed means, the goal of introducing basic income.

Members may pay either a standard subscription of €10 per calendar year or a higher, supporting subscription of up to 0.25% of their annual income (i.e. €25 per €10,000 income).

How to subscribe or donate:

1. The easiest way to contribute is through – just click on the donate button below and then ‘Donate Now’. Be sure to include your real name and email address. These donations incur a 7% handling fee, which you will be invited to cover.

2. The most effective way to pay your membership subscription is through setting up an annual standing order. If you have online banking, you can probably set this up online. Email us at for full instructions.

3. If you would like to make a single donation for the current year, you can do so by online bank transfer.  Email us at at for full instructions.

4. If you prefer, you can send a cheque to Basic Income Ireland, c/o Anne B Ryan, Department of Adult and Community Education, NUIM, Maynooth, Co Kildare. Please make out your cheque to Basic Income Ireland and include your email address or other contact details.

5. You can also pay in cash at any Basic Income Ireland meeting.

Any donation over €10 will be considered a membership subscription unless you write to us requesting not to be a member.

Receipts are issued for all subscriptions and donations.

Your support and participation are vital – please join and support Basic Income Ireland today!