September 18


07:00 pm - 09:00 pm

Event Website

Carmelite Community Center

56 Aungier Street Dublin 2

Dublin, Ireland

We would like to welcome welcome you to an evening of discussions around money and monetary policies for supporting much-needed public programs including the Green New Deal and basic income.

Time: 7pm, September 18th
Place: Carmelite Center, 53 Aungier Street, Dublin 2, Ireland

Basic Income Ireland is proud to present this event as part of the International Basic Income Week. This is a free event.



1. Deirdre de Burca: “The role of innovative monetary policies in supporting a Green New Deal and a more sustainable future for Europe and the world”

Deirdre is a former Green Party public representative and current Advocacy Co-ordinator with the global civil society network Forus International (

2. Conor McCabe: “Towards a democratization of money, credit and financial systems”

Conor is the author of Money (Sireacht: Longings for another Ireland series, Cork University Press, 2018) and a research associate with the UCD Equality Studies Centre. He has written extensively on Irish finance and is involved in activist education, working with political, trade union, and community groups.

3. Tony Weekes: “Let’s make money work for everyone”

Tony describes himself as “a repentant one-time academic economist”.


Basic Income is the proposal that the state should make a regular payment to every individual resident regardless of circumstances, without any means test or work requirement. It would be enough to live a frugal but decent life without additional income.

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