Basic Income Ireland is pleased to welcome this paper authored by our members Dave Quinn and John Baker as an important contribution to the debate on how to bring about a Universal and Unconditional Basic Income in Ireland.

Double-page version for printing.

This paper outlines a specific, actionable proposal for introducing a basic income in Ireland today, and models out the impact across the exchequer and different tax groups.

The key message is that ‘It’s a great idea, and we can afford this now.’

Some key highlights of the paper are that, noting caveats due to data constraints, under this model:

  • All in society are provided with a basic income equivalent to jobseeker’s allowance.
  • This model significantly reduces barriers and increases incentives to take up paid work.
  • A large majority of income earners will be better off, those earning up to about €55,000pa .
  • Those on low pay (€20,000pa) will benefit by 20%, up to 65% for the very low paid (€10,000pa).
  • The well off will pay slightly more, 1.4% for those on €100,000 and 2.5% for those on €300,000.
  • This can be implemented now with a few institutional changes.
Front cover image for the paper "A Model Of Basic Income For Ireland" by Dave Quinn and John Baker, with picture of a young woman standing eyes closed and holding a transparent umbrella over her head to shield her from the rain that is falling.