Recent Publications

A Model of Basic Income for Ireland (David Quinn and John Baker, Basic Income Ireland, November 2023) – see also launch event video

Work and automation in the time of Covid-19 (Fabian Wallace-Stephens and Emma Morgante, Royal Society of Arts, 12 October 2020)

Post-COVID-19: Basic Income, How it’s Paid for and How to Get There (Social Justice Ireland policy paper, 27 April 2020)

Universal basic income policies and their potential for addressing health inequities – Transformative approaches to a healthy, prosperous life for all (Louise Haagh and Barbara Rohregger, World Health Organization, June 2019)

Basic Income for All: From Desirability to Feasibility (Stewart Lansley and Howard Reed, Compass, January 2019)

Attitudes to Basic Income in Ireland – New evidence from the European Social Survey (Daniel Capistrano, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy, December 2018)

Basic Income Model D – An Income Tax Proposal to facilitate the introduction of Basic Income in Ireland (Dave Quinn, Basic Income Ireland, December 2018) (ppt)

Examining the effects of a Basic Income in Ireland – Tax Rates and Distributional Effects (Eamon Murphy & Seán Ward, Social Justice Ireland, December 2018)

Income & Wealth in Ireland – an overview (Micheál Collins, UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy, December 2018)

Basic Income Around The World: The Unexpected Benefits of Unconditional Cash Transfers
(Otto Lehto, The Adam Smith Institute, January 2018)

Basic Income as a Policy Option: Can it add up? (OECD, May 2017)

Basic Income – Radical Utopia or Practical Solution? (Seán Healy & Brigid Reynolds, Social Justice Ireland, December 2016)

Costing a Basic Income for Ireland (Eamon Murphy & Seán Ward, Social Justice Ireland, December 2016)

Basic Income – A Green Paper (Government of Ireland, September 2002)

All BIEN Congress research papers 1998-2018 can be found on the BIEN website.

The US-based Basic Income Guarantee group publish all discussion papers presented at their regular conferences.

The UK-based Citizen’s Basic Income Trust do a great job of tracking and summarising research findings on their Research & Analysis page

Video Resources

Presentation by Kenji Hayakawa on UBI experiments around the world and options for a trial in Ireland (March 2020)
Explainer video by Kurzgesagt (December 2017)
Can universal basic income fix a crisis that’s already begun?
US-focused overview by Big Think (July 2020)
TEDx talk on UBI by historian Rutger Bregman (October 2014)

We have collected a lot of other interesting videos about basic income on our YouTube channel.

Published work by members of Basic Income Ireland

‘Basic Income and Health in Ireland’, by Elizabeth Cullen (FEASTA, 2020) is available here.

‘Estimating the Cost of a Basic Income for Ireland’ by Micheál Collins (BIEN Congress, 2012) is available here.

‘Basic Income – Why and How in Difficult Economic Times: Financing a BI in Ireland’ by Seán Healy, Michelle Murphy, Sean Ward and Brigid Reynolds. (BIEN Congress, 2012) is available here.

‘Universal Basic Income and Recognition Theory: A Tangible Step towards an Ideal’ by Róisín Mulligan, Roisin (BIEN Congress, 2012) is available here.

‘Our Welfare System is Broken. We can fix it by paying everybody’ by Anne B Ryan (a short article from the, which includes comments from readers) is available here.

‘Cultivating sustainable and ethical prosperity with basic income’ by Anne B Ryan Paper (originally presented to TASC (Think-tank for Action on Social Change) conference, Crisis to Opportunity Oct 19th, 2012, Dublin) is available here.

‘Reflections on Developing a National Campaign for Basic Income in Ireland’ by John Baker and Anne B Ryan (BIEN Congress, 2012) is available here.

‘All things considered, should feminists embrace basic income?’ by John Baker (Basic Income Studies, 2008) is available here.

‘An Egalitarian Case for Basic Income’ by John Baker (in P. Van Parijs, Arguing for Basic Income, 1992) is available here.

Websites of associated organisations and networks

Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) is a source of world-wide information about basic income. Their site includes a comprehensive guide to the intellectual history of basic income, stretching back to the 16th century.

Universal Basic Income Europe (UBIE) is the umbrella organisation for European UBI campaign groups.

Social Justice Ireland has promoted basic income in Ireland for more than twenty years and is a source of information and concrete proposals for Ireland.

Citizens Basic Income Trust is the British affiliate of BIEN. Their website has a wealth of additional information in English including downloadable leaflets and newsletters.

Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland is the Scottish affiliate of BIEN. Scotland is also home to the Basic Income Scotland project – a pilot UBI scheme backed by four regional councils and NHS Health Scotland.

US BIG is the US affliate of BIEN. Their website also has a wealth of additional information in English including a bibliography of more than 2000 books and articles on basic income.