As Ireland steps up its action to address the climate emergency and build a better future for our children, Basic Income Ireland shares the concern to ensure a just transition, protecting those least able to afford the changes needed.

We support calls for a portion of the increased carbon taxes to contribute to a green dividend or ‘Temporary Universal Carbon Income,’ to be paid unconditionally to every individual legal resident in Ireland, in the same manner as in a Universal Basic Income. Another portion would be reserved for supporting a partner country in the ‘global south’ in its transition to a low-carbon economy.

This would help offset the increased cost of carbon-heavy goods and services and facilitate individual choice, allowing people to be creative whilst having a strong financial incentive to bring down their carbon emissions.

Anne Ryan, joint co-ordinator of Basic Income Ireland commented: “We see this as a step towards a full Universal Basic Income, complemented by good public services, to help us all to live frugal and dignified lives, help build a fairer, caring society that is economically and environmentally strong and sustainable. At this point, such a green dividend would also help build political support for the challenging measures we need to take to build our positive and sustainable future.”

Basic Income Ireland is the Irish affiliate of the Basic Income Earth Network. We envisage an Ireland where every child, woman and man has an unconditional guaranteed basic income sufficient to live life with dignity.

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